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Okay, maybe I'm just a negative cynic, but isn't it strange that this happens AFTER I cancel my membership? 

They sent me an email titled Blockbuster Notice with this inside.  I almost just deleted it without opening because I thought it was spam.

I called, and of course they received the video - and they are crediting my card.

Am I just being silly to think maybe they would do this hoping I wouldn't notice so they can get a final $20 out of me?
Yes, it is - shame on me!

Hello Dorothea,

Account Number: xxxxxx

We have completed your request to cancel your BLOCKBUSTER OnlineĀ® 1 at a time membership on 05/28/2008.

However, our records indicate Sound Yoga/Nada Yoga: The Healing Power of Sacred Sound has not been received, and we have charged your payment account ############ $21.34.

If you have already returned the movie, you will be refunded the $21.34 less a $0.0 restocking fee.

If you feel you have been billed in error, please contact Customer Care at 1-866-692-2789 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

BLOCKBUSTER OnlineĀ® Customer Care

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Blackberry Love  These are the two I had in buckets near the garden shed.  They were "extras" but because of the sun in that area - they are doing better than the others in the main bed.  The birds are getting their share, but I don't mind so much.

* ROBERT DOWNEY JR. -  I saw him on Letterman last night.  I'm so glad he's overcome his issues.  I was really rooting for him when he was dealing with his drug addiction.  Hopefully someday I'll be able to say the same thing about Brittany.

AMERICAN IDOL - I predict the boys will all get through.  One of the girls will not.  My guess is Syesha Mercado.

CHICKENS 7 WEEKS OLD - They don't look like chicks anymore - and are starting not to act like chicks.  They are roosting now and are much more assertive.  The rooster is still a little wimpy - but I think he's going to be okay.

* MY COUSIN MELANIE - Came to visit me.  She is not like I expected (I mean that in a good way).  We have a lot in common.  We got to talk about family, organic food, and spirituality (we both remember the Christian Science Statement of Being which was so cool - our grandmother was Christian Scientist).

I AM (PROBABLY) GETTING INTERNET - My neighbor came by to check if I can get his wireless.  Looks good.  I'll be paying him $15 a month.  I hope it works out. We won't know until I get a wireless card (which is on order).  I should get the card Friday and he will install it for me over the weekend.  To offset the cost I'm going to end my Blockbuster Total Access subscription (which is about $13 a month).  I watch too much TV anyway.

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Tuesday I finally got up the nerve to cancel my Hollywood Video account.  I had the unlimited MVP account that remained at 9.99 a month despite two price increases over the years.  I'd held onto it mostly because they told me it would always stay at that price unless I ended the account and restarted (then it would go up to $16.99).  Well, I got that Blockbuster total access and have had it a little while, and it was more convenient, has a better selection, and is the same price as the Hollywood.  I didn't need both, so to save money - I canceled the Hollywood.

Today in my email I get a message from Blockbuster saying my account would increase to $11.99.  So, basically a 20% increase only a couple of months after I joined.  Had I gotten this email Monday I might not have canceled the Hollywood account.  

I'm annoyed.

I decided I'm going to cancel the Blockbuster account for now (mostly out of spite) and spend a few months thinking about it.  It will also give me that much more time away from the Television, and all those movies will still be there when I decide to rejoin. :-)

If I'm desperate to watch a popular movie I can always rent from the HEB DVD vending machine...... hahaha.

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I rented A Mighty Heart last night with my free coupon.  I love Angelina Jolie, and she didn't disappoint.  

I feel like the whole middle east situation is beginning to get to me.  I hope I don't end up with burnout like some of my friends who refuse to discuss or even acknowledge there is a situation.   It just all seems so hopeless when dealing with people who are so filled with such an incredible amount hate, have such narrow tunnel vision, and who have no regard for human life whatsoever.  

I am very simple minded.  In my mind the answer should be to develop our own forms of energy so as not to be dependent on that part of the world - and wash our hands of that whole region.  While I know that this could never happen, I'm sad that our nation makes no attempt whatsoever to free itself from dependence on middle east oil.  I find this so incredibly frustrating. 
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I found out about a nice bonus to my Blockbuster Total Access plan.  I get 1 free coupon to rent a movie from a Blockbuster store per month.  Very cool.

I've currently got 181 movies in my Blockbuster Total Access online Queue. This is primarily documentaries and special interest dvds with a few TV series and a few movies I haven't seen yet thrown in. With the one out at a time plan that I currently have (approx 10 movies per month I'm guessing) - I estimate what I currently have 18 months of service already spoken for even if I never added another title to my queue. 

I'm leaning towards canceling my Hollywood account and upgrading the Blockbuster to 3 out plan (which would be $3.00 cheaper than keeping both current plans).  With the 3 out plan I can also get 5 instore exchanges vs. the 2 I get now.

I love documentaries - I found dozens I can't wait to watch!  

I recently finished the season 2 of Rome I'd rented from Hollywood.  It went by way too fast (only 6 episodes).

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My first Blockbuster movie was Protocols of Zion.  I've been wanting to watch it, but shortly after they got it in at Hollywood Video it mysteriously disappeared.

First of all - I didn't think it was particularly well made.  It bounced around aimlessly as if it was an amusement ride - one shock after another.  They didn't show very many moderates on the issue - and I'm sure there are more of them than the simple minded fanatics they showed.  

It was an eye opener though.

I can honestly say I've never met anyone who hated Jewish people.  I've seen it on the movies and TV, but I've never personally witnessed it. It's probably where I've lived - or maybe that I've just been sheltered.

I was very confused with the whole "Jews killed Jesus" thing.  So much emphasis placed on whether or not they did.  Like it could only be okay if they didn't.  So what if they did?  How does that have anything to do with the Jewish people today?  It would be like today's entire German citizenship being hated for the Holcaust or today's catholics being hated for the Inquisition.  I guess I'm just thick.  I don't see how it means anything.   

Also, so what if the manuscript itself is authentic and a bunch of Jewish men did sit around and plot the takeover of the world?  It's not like that sort of thing hasn't been done before in one form or another.  I hate to pick on the Catholics, but back in the day - they were pretty power hungry and political.... not to mention the whole burning people at the stake thing.  We don't hold that against them now.

I personally have the greatest respect for the Jewish as a people.  I'm not always feeling this way about Israelis (or Palestinians - the whole Middle East thing baffles me), but that's a whole other thing. 
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I finished  Sierra's Gown for Halloween. (anyone who wants to see the finished product - a friend is modeling it on the post that's a stickie to the top of my journal - hopefully Sierra will also send me a pic when she gets it so I can post that).

Now, I will begin working on my Holly Hobbie costume, but I seriously doubt I'll be able to complete it on time.  If not - I'll be ready for next year with it, and I'll just wear one of my old costumes this year (I have enough of them).


I decided to give Blockbuster Total Access a try.  It's the 1 out at a time with 2 in store exchanges a month.  It's $9.99 plus tax.  My Hollywood Video MVP program is cheap (also $9.99 plus tax), but I'm finding - aside from the big blockbuster movies - there isn't much they offer.  I love documentaries and obscure stuff.  I will keep both for now (the two together is just a little over $20 a month) - and maybe I'll drop Hollywood eventually.  I already have over 100 movies in my queue.  #1  position is Protocols of Zion which Hollywood got in and promptly "lost" before I could watch it.  All the others are DVD's that Hollywood doesn't have (mostly History channel type stuff).

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