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David Cook won American Idol by 12 million votes!
(50 of them were mine)

Simon even apologized to him for being unfair last night before they read the results.

I can't wait until he starts making records.  The only other Idol I felt that way about was Kelly Clarkson.

Excellent show.  Highlights for me ZZ Top and George Michael.  

I'm glad I spent the 2 hours of unschedule off to skate out early for it.

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* Why  do churches have Tax Free status?

* American Idol last night was kind of bogus.  Simon was so obvious with his preference of David Archuletta.  I liked how David Cook chose a NEW song for his choice rather than regurgitate one he'd already done (which is what the show wants the contestants to do).  I''ve got a feeling David A. will win - but David C. will still get a career out of it.  Oh, I voted 50 times :-)

* I may leave early tonight so I can see the finale live. 
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I've watched every season of American Idol - this is the best performance I've seen to date by anyone (though he's also had more that have come close)
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* I went to my quarterly dental cleaning in San Antonio today (or so I thought).  I got there and my hygienist said they didn't schedule me for enough time - so she can't do it.  Argh!!  I re-scheduled for the Tuesday after next.  Not a happy camper, but it's not like I traveled to Austin and paid for parking.....

* I did make the trip kind of worth it by doing my quarterly Sun Harvest Farms shopping.  I always come away with sticker shock, but I do get lots of stuff I can't get in New Braunfels: Ecover products (I use the dish soap and laundry detergent), Hemp Protein powder, nuts (raw almonds were on sale), grains (oats, red lentils), and bread baking stuff (vital wheat gluten, rice & rye flour - they had organic stone ground whole wheat flour for $1.99 a pound!!!  This is another justification for buying a grain mill damnit).

* I got gasoline in San Antonio today - $3.59 a gallon which is 10 cents a gallon cheaper than New Braunfels.  Why didn't anyone put the cents symbol on the keyboard?

* Some people who have been with my journal a long time might remember when I began my experiment with the Bach Remedies Mimulus and Wild Oat.  I'd had good luck with the Rescue Remedy in the past - so I thought I'd give it a go.  I think Mimulus might have had some effect on me - the Wild Oat, not so much that I noticed....though I could be wrong.  I am done with both bottles, and decided I'd move on to something else - so while at Sun Harvest, picked up the Bach Remedy Larch.  Larch is supposed to help instill a sense of self-esteem when you feel inferior, fear failure, or lack self-confidence.  I know all of you are probably wondering why in the world I would choose that one..... :-)

*  I'm converting my 300 cd collection to digital.  Has anyone done this?  How do you keep your files?  I was planning on keeping them on my pc, but I'd just started and I'd accumulated over 10 gigabytes of files.  My pc hard drive is 50gb and 30 of that is free - so no way all my music would fit.  Right now I'm transferring the files to data cd's until I can figure out how to do it.  My plan was to have a big jukebox on the hard-drive - but doesn't look like that's going to happen.

* Tonight the season finale of American Idol begins.  Looking forward to the performances.  It could be anyone's guess.  www.votefortheworst.com is telling their following to vote for David Archuletta which kind of surprises me.  I would have thought he would be the favorite.  I've been a David Cook fan most of the season, but I always vote depending on the individual shows performances.  I loved Archuletta the most when he sang Angel - gave me goosebumps.  Tomorrow's results show is 2 hours, but I think it's 7-9 not 8-10 so I won't get to see it live. Anyway - in 2 separate posts I'm going to put up my favorite performances from each. They are both pretty talented.

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*  So far my experience at plentyoffish.com has been good.  About 3/4 of the messges I get are from intelligent and interesting people who, just like me, want to meet friends and are hoping that certain chemistry might exist for something more.  Then there are a few who want something else.  I found a way to weed them out by my first reply back when they message me.  I make it obvious I'm not "that kind of girl" but hey, lets be friends (or something like that) - - they don't write back :-)  The people, so far, that are by far the most interesting are the one's I chose to write to first based on what I got from their profile.  One even helped me re-write my profile (he said it didn't sound warm enough and had too many words that guys aren't interested in reading..... he offered to take pictures of me to post, but I'm not to sure about him just yet for a meeting let alone a photo session.  There's also someone who is a Taoist enthusiast and wanna be hippy like me who is very cool (but he lives far away - so a one on one friendship would be impossible).   I won't be posting detailed experiences (names pictures etc.) in my public journal (without the permission of the other person anyway) - but I think the general experience is worth sharing.

* What to do with too many Swiss Chard stems and parsley............

* I forgot to make my American Idol post this week, but it turned out as expected.  The two David's are in the final two.  Can't wait for next week.  In a way I'm looking forward to it being over.  I want to replace Wednesday evening TV hour with cardio - that day and another dedicated work night should help me get back in shape. I don't worry about my days off - I get PLENTY of exercise on those days.
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 I missed the last 8 minutes of American Idol last night.  Tape ran out.  Lucky for me I have THE INTERNET!! - so I jumped online to see who got kicked off.  Like I thought - Jason Castro.  

I'm too thick - I've got to pay attention to what I'm eating and put in place some type of formal exercise.  I sit on my butt for 9 hours a day chained to a telephone headset - so I just keep gaining a tiny bit at a time.  I'd say I've gained #30 since I started working here.  I'm not comfortable and I feel bloated.

My cucumbers showed their first blossoms, and a couple of the vines are throwing out "feelers".  Whoo hoo!  Can't wait to see those babies climb.  The pole beans - not doing as well.   I harvested another pint of berries this morning.  Man, this putting in Blackberry bushes idea is really paying off.  I'm going to do grapes this coming winter.  No clue about how to do it but I have THE INTERNET!!! :-)

I think I may go see Ironman after work tonight.  If I do it on the weekend it will throw off all my planned projects.

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* My Pecan Trees grew leaves on them overnight.  One day bare - the next time I noticed - full of leaves.  Maybe I'm just not observant.  Blackberries do ripen in hours - this I know because today I harvested them about four times.  I ended up with about a half gallon of berries today.  

* I helped out my friend Wanda today.  We picked up a used sleeper sofa and brought it to her house.  $35 - it was a deal.  Luckily it wasn't huge, so we were able to handle it.  Her husband was at adult day care - it was his birthday.  I thought it a little strange, but it's an upbeat place - so I guess she figured he'd enjoy being there. She stopped at the grocery store and got him a cake on the way.  He's 84 years old.

*  My neighbor was good enough to give me one of the many monitors he has on his lanai since mine was so bad it made me dizzy to be in front of it too long.  This will do until the time comes to buy a new computer.  I did splurge on a speaker system (if you want to call $24 a splurge).  I love internet radio - and it comes though great with my connection.  With the speakers and sub woofer - it really sounds nice.  I justified the speakers since I avoided having to pay for a new monitor. :-)

* Jason Castro pretty much blew it tonight on American Idol.  The only way he'll make it through is if Howard Stern decides to tell all his listeners to vote for him.  Too bad - he's got talent.  Just a bad night for him. 

* I made a profile on an online dating site!  I can't believe I actually went through with it.  I'll probably delete it tomorrow.  It's at www.plentyoffish.com which is a free site. I was honest in the profile and didn't jazz anyting up, so I'm sure I will get zero notice.  It's all good though.  It was a big step for me to do that (and with a pic!) Whoa! 

So, yeah.

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Blackberry Love  These are the two I had in buckets near the garden shed.  They were "extras" but because of the sun in that area - they are doing better than the others in the main bed.  The birds are getting their share, but I don't mind so much.

* ROBERT DOWNEY JR. -  I saw him on Letterman last night.  I'm so glad he's overcome his issues.  I was really rooting for him when he was dealing with his drug addiction.  Hopefully someday I'll be able to say the same thing about Brittany.

AMERICAN IDOL - I predict the boys will all get through.  One of the girls will not.  My guess is Syesha Mercado.

CHICKENS 7 WEEKS OLD - They don't look like chicks anymore - and are starting not to act like chicks.  They are roosting now and are much more assertive.  The rooster is still a little wimpy - but I think he's going to be okay.

* MY COUSIN MELANIE - Came to visit me.  She is not like I expected (I mean that in a good way).  We have a lot in common.  We got to talk about family, organic food, and spirituality (we both remember the Christian Science Statement of Being which was so cool - our grandmother was Christian Scientist).

I AM (PROBABLY) GETTING INTERNET - My neighbor came by to check if I can get his wireless.  Looks good.  I'll be paying him $15 a month.  I hope it works out. We won't know until I get a wireless card (which is on order).  I should get the card Friday and he will install it for me over the weekend.  To offset the cost I'm going to end my Blockbuster Total Access subscription (which is about $13 a month).  I watch too much TV anyway.

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I watched ENCHANTED last night.  It was very funny, but I was a little disappointed she went for the earth guy.  It seemed like he had a great partner already - and she was so in "love at first sight" with the prince.  Then it went in a whole other direction.  I would rather have seen earth guy help her find her prince, princess help earth guy loosen up so his relationship is more romantic and spontaneous, etc.  And that awkward housecoat scene where she touches his chest hair longingly  -  ewww.  
I really liked the squirrel.

Amanda Overmeyer got voted off AMERICAN IDOL Wednesday.  Didn't really see that coming, but she wasn't one of my favorites.  I didn't care for her much, but she was better than several others.

Chicks are growing like crazy.  I'm keeping their brooder at 90F now instead of 95.  Next week I'll decrease it again.  I'm getting attached; it's going to be hard to say goodbye to 19 of them.

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Thank you!  I love it.  It's awesome to get something in the mail from a friend - totally made my day.

It Rained Mud
Here in the San Antonio area it actually rained mud yesterday.  I'm not kidding - It was the weirdest thing.  I'll need to wash my truck now I guess.    

American Idol
It was Beatles week again. Nobody sucked.  Chickeezee was my favorite performance - he sang "I've Just Seen a Face".  Next favorite Brooke with "Here Comes The Sun".  Everyone else was good too.  I predict that Kristy Lee Cook will go this week unless the country fans all unite.  If that's the case then Ramiele will go.  Michael Johns hasn't impressed me, but he's really good looking and has chrarisma - so the ladies will probaby keep voting him in for a few weeks to come.

Coop Update
I worked on the coop yesterday.  Got the upper level entry door made (though I'm thinking it's going to be too small), the roof on, the latches on the side doors, and the "stairs" completed.  I'll post pictures tomorrow because I have so little time to get this journal updated and read my friends' posts.

Top 12

Mar. 12th, 2008 04:07 pm
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 Worst Performances last night:
(if you don't count David Archuleta's forgetting words - but his performance otherwise was good)

David Hernandez  -  He just doesn't have "it" as far as I'm concerned.
Ramiele Malubay - She's boring (in the karaoke way) - last night's performance was just more of the same.

Best Performances:

David Cooke  -  I'm still liking him more and more.
Brooke White -  She's a lot more talented than I thought she was.

Who got the bad rap last night:  Kristie Lee Cook.  I loved her country version of her Beatles tune.

Who was given more credit than they deserved:  Carly Smithson.  She got a lot of praise for singing something pretty much like it is always done.

Who I voted for:
David Cooke
Jason Castro
Michael Johns (only because "Across the Universe" is my all time favorite Beatles song, and he didn't butcher it)
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 I was almost to work this morning and I looked up to see a huge flock of birds flying in the sky.  Usually I'd notice it and move on with my day, but these guys were different.  They were flying in artistic formation just like those huge schools of fish in the ocean.  They'd split up almost in exactly equal numbers (sets of 3 or sets of 2) and do their own thing - then come back together.  It was absolutely amazing.  I had to pull over to watch.  Either I'm just not paying attention or I have bad timing - but I'd never seen anything like this in my life.  This all took place close to my work, and I keyed myself into the gate and drove to the parking lot - the birds seemed to follow me (no, of course they didn't - but there they were in the parking lot at the same time I was).  I grabbed my camera and tried to capture them.  At one point they flew right over my head.  Then they did a show over the building I work in.  It made my day.  I took pictures which I put behind a cut because to see anything I have to leave them a little large.  They don't to the experience justice (a video would have been better), but it's all I have to document it - so I wanted to put it in my journal.

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Today I got yet another little project done.  Yay, I'm on a roll.  I fortified the back cattle gate with livestock panel.  

I had a 16ft section from another part of the fence I am changing.  The cutters I had didn't cut it, and I was pretty much stuck.  I knew the big bolt cutters would, but I didn't have that tool - and I knew it was pricey to buy.  I would buy it if I thought I'd make use of it, but I didn't think I would.  So, I could leave everything there and think about for a couple of weeks and end up not doing it at all - or.......

So I marched over next door asked my neighbor if he had something that could cut the panel with.  He said he didn't have a tool, but if I brought it over he'd get it cut.  I try not to bother him as much as possible.  I hate being "needy".  He was pretty cold to me even though he did help me.  I think he's mad at me, but I'm not sure for what.

I did notice he hasn't mowed the back pasture in a long time.  Maybe he decided he won't anymore.  In that case, I am going to ask my neighbor if he wants to pasture his sheep in that pasture part of the year.  Another option would be for me to get a couple of sheep or goats...

I wish people would just say what's on their mind.  I'm guilty of this too, and I am going to try and do better. 

Jordan won the American Idol.  No big surprise there.
I'm glad it's over - I'll be spending 7pm-8pm in the garden for the rest of the summer :-)
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Today I got started on my compost enclosure.  I'm doing it in Cinder Blocks.  Previously I've had two big piles of rotting stuff.  One pile complete and rotting - the other a pile-in-progress. It's called the cold method; it takes longer to get finished compost this way, and weed seeds probably don't get destroyed with this method - but it's the most convenient for me. I get good compost in 4-6 months per pile which works out perfect for me.  The only reason I'm building the enclosure is for aesthetics.  I have one bin two blocks high right now.  I'll need it 4 blocks high, so I'll need 18 more blocks to finish the first bin.  The second bin will take an additional 18 more blocks.  Man, that's a lot of cinder blocks.

Didn't get much else done today.  I did make another stepping stone, and I finished watching the interviews on the What the Bleep Rabbit Hole DVD's.

American Idol was good.  Jordin will win.  She deserves it over Blake, but he is still great - hope he does well in the future.
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I wasn't surprised to see Melinda not make the top two, but I was disappointed.  On a positive note - she definately has a career in entertainment ahead of her - what a talent.  Blake will need to have a fantastic night in order to beat Jordan - I'll be looking forward to next Tuesday.

Today my father goes into surgery.  I can't remember exactly what for - something to do with a valve in his heart I think.  They are not putting him out - they are doing an epidural, so it can't be that risky right?  I'm still worried.  He is about 70 years old - and at that age our bodies aren't as strong.  Thank goodness he quit smoking last year.



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