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Murphy's owner went away for business.  

Murphy missed his owner A LOT the first night.  There was a lot of crying and whimpering at the door.  I knew he would be okay though, and by the next day he was.  I put his dog bed in the bedroom by my bed.  He slept everywhere but in his bed. lol  

Murphy is an older dude, and seemed like he might be a little cranky - well, that was only true when it came to Hilda lol.  He actually was pretty patient with her puppy ways, but he had his limits.  Eventually Hilda respected his space and the two got on just great.  He was definitely a no drama kind of dog.  When I work in the office on the computer he hung out under the desk.  When Hilda lay down by my chair (like she often does)I could tell because Murphy would growl softly.  Then I knew what was going to come...... Hilda would growl softly.....then Murphy would growl a little louder.....then Hilda would think "he must want to play!" and start batting at him (which didn't go over well at all).  This happened multiple times over the days.  Once I figured out what was going on it was fine - I just redirected Hilda to another room and off she went.

He wasn't eating at first, and I thought it was because he was upset with his situation.  He would eat a treat though.  I thought "hmmmmm".  So on the third day without a proper meal I put his food bowl in the office with him and closed the door.  10 minutes later I came back and the bowl was empty.  It seems like he just wanted his privacy to eat in peace (probably because he was intimidated by Hilda?).  From then on I fed him in that room by himself.

All in all a super terrific stay!



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