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Saturday I joined fellow New Braunfels residents in a "March for Science" gathering at the town square. There were about 70 of us. Puny compared to the number of people in larger cities I know. I imagine a lot of residents went to San Antonio or Austin, and that is exactly what I was planning to do. I changed my mind at the last minute because I felt it might be important to network/bond within my own community.

I made a double sided sign (I'm on the right in the picture with half of my sign showing), and I also made one extra sign (my friend Donna's granddaughter on the left in th picture is holding it). I find making signs for these events emotionally therapeutic.

I needed to leave the event before it was completely over because I was cold. As I was leaving someone said it was a pity I was going because I had the best sign. lol I handed it to him and told him he could give it back at the next event (we all seem to go to the local events). I really don't care if he returns it or not - though the double-sided signs are not easy to make, so I guess I hope he does so I can use the foundation for another sign,

It was wild watching the marches around our country and the world. People care about science. People care that our government has such a careless view of it. I think the idea that the EPA would be de-funded really alarmed people. That and all the rollbacks of needed regulation. The stupidity of the current politicians in Washington amazes me. I know it's a combination of many things - corporate influence being one of the big issues. I don't know how this is going to end. I will protest and I will vote. This is all that I know to do. If some other opportunity comes my way to change the negative trajectory we are headed on - I will certainly go with it.

March for Science, New Braunfels
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