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It seems like I'm back on the path to getting to a healthy weight.

Much like when I was finally successful with quitting smoking, the Universe lined up for me and gave me the incentive I needed to get back on the journey.

1.)  I gained 5 additional pounds that I could feel.  Uncomfortable and the jeans I was finally comfortable in were not so anymore.

2.) I don't want to go into the details, but I had a jolt of inspiration that convinced me that I had to get to my healthy weight and, more importantly, that I could do it.

3.)  I found a book that is going to be hugely helpful called "Binge No More" (I'm not a binge eater really, but I feel the principles in the book work for anyone who has a problem overeating.

After #2 I feel like something in me snapped into place.  I immediately began to work on a plan to be successful.

I changed my TOPS membership to online so I can "attend" meetings more often.

I upgraded my MyFitnessPal membership to premium so I can get tools that I think will be worth money spent

I wrote out Goals and Objectives and made a tracking sheet to fill out daily.  Here are links to two posts on the subject from my MyFitnessPal blog if you are interested in what I came up with:
Inspiration and Plan-of-Action
My 12/120/1200/12000 Idea
My Daily Goal/Objectives Tracker

So, that's what's up with that :-)
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