Jun. 10th, 2017

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George is a male Boxer mix about 2 years old, and Peggie Sue is a Chihuahua Mix about 8 years old.

George and Peggie Sue's owners came down from the Dallas area for a sporting event one of their grand children were participating in.  From the minute they let the dogs out of the truck I knew I was in for a challenging two days.

I brought HIlda out in her harness to greet them when they arrived.  George immediately went at her when he approached to greet him.  The owners were surprised; they said he'd never done anything like that before.  It's possible the long drive and new surroundings made him anxious.  I do what I always do in a situation like this; I told the owner we will go for a short walk together.  Sure enough - it diffused the situation. On the way back to the house George slips out of his collar and runs off.  Naturally he had no recall, and the owners were beside themselves. Luckily for everyone he ran onto our property, and he followed me as I ran into the back gate (and shut it). Whew!

What followed was two days and nights of intervening in minor spats between our dog and their dogs.  It's possible that it's Hilda because she was on allergy medication and wasn't feeling great, but she definitely doesn't have a history of any kind of aggression with other animals (or humans for that matter).  Neither dog was "bad" - Peggy kept to herself mostly and stayed inside.  George meant well, but I think he's just really spoiled and used to a lot of solo attention.  Bottom line - it was a draining stay, but we made it.  

It was a relief to see the owners arrive to pick them up.  Not the worst experience in the world but not the best either.  
Looking on the bright side - I'm grateful that we rarely have this type of experience.  :-)


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Truffles is a female seven year old chocolate Labrador Retriever.  Her owner dropped her off with her bed and food, and she immediately made herself at home.  Great no-drama little dog.

Like most Labs - she is crazy about fetch.  Omg..... seriously.  I had to hide the ball to get her to stop asking me to throw it.  lol

Hilda and Truffes got along just fine in spite the age difference.  Hilda even managed to pester her into playing (she's kind of the serious aloof type).

The owners dropped her off wearing one of  those choke type claw collars that look really scary.  Since she's about the same size around as Hilda - I fitted the harness on her for walks.  She did fine provided it was clipped at the front.  

The owner is a New Braunfels resident, so I hope he thinks of me the next time he needs someone to take care of her.  She is welcome back any time :-)


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