Mar. 10th, 2017

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It's been almost two years since I've posted in the online jounral.

I've thought about it quite a few times, but I knew I wouldn't keep up with it.  Things are a little different these days.

I have lots of thoughts that I need to work through via the keyboard.  That sounds ominous, but it's not.

I fell for the lure of Facebook, but Facebook is not a platform for journaling.  It's a place to post pictures and life events.  I also spend time on Twitter since the election (it's a stellar way to get current events if you use it right).  Twitter is also not a venue for communicating complex issues or feelings.

Hopefully this won't devolve into a bunch of political ranting because I do have some other important things to work through besides our current government and their intention to ruin our coountry.

Some catching up in case there are any people still in the LJ community who might read this......

Still married to Marcel and still living in Texas.

I'm still not working (unless you count the farmstand) - I may go back to work or start a real business, but right now we can afford for me not to as long as we live within our means.  I am not bored - my days are overflowing with things to do - how did I manage to work full time before?? lol

We have a dog now - her name is Hilda.  She's an Anatolian Shepherd and will be 1 year old in April.

Life is good, no great, and this is sometimes part of my angst.


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